About Us

Nehemiah Community  Development Corporation (NCDC) is a private, non-governmental IRS – designated  501 (c)(3) non-profit service organization devoted to strengthening small-business enterprises, expanding affordable housing opportunities, developing commercial centers, and providing training to empower people to achieve prosperity for themselves and their families.

Nehemiah Community Development Corporation has a three pronged approach to community development:

  • To improve the economy of a community by increasing the income and wealth of the residents and stimulating private investment
  • To enhance the physical nature of the neighborhood
  • To strengthen the social bonds among the people in the neighborhood

In 2003 a few residents, and church leaders banded together in an informal block association to establish a Home Maintenance and Repair Program in an effort to save some of the homes in the Westside community from further decay and destruction. They succeeded, and formed Greater First Housing Services (GFHS). In June of 2010 GFHS received 501 (c)(3) nonprofit exempt status from the IRS and changed its name to Nehemiah Community Development Corporation.





To improve the quality of life for families and neighborhoods using a community economic development strategy.


The Children. The Families. The Young People. The Seniors. 

The Westside Community is full of people with needs and dreams.

At Nehemiah Community Development Corporation, our goal is to help your reach your goals for yourself and your family.  To help, we offer the services and support your family needs while you enjoy a stable, quality place to live.

We are  revitalizing very low-income areas while preserving the fabric of its neighborhoods and enriching the community as a whole.


To strengthen low-wealth families and neighborhoods using a community economic development strategy that includes – helping families in transition; providing economic opportunities such as home ownership, job creation, and business development; providing affordable housing; and encouraging the spiritual well-being of the families and communities we serve.

Letter from the CEO


Core Values


We believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe, affordable, sustainable home.


We believe it’s our responsibility to carefully steward the resources entrusted to us by our funders and partners on behalf of our residents.


We expect to be held accountable by many people: our residents, Board of Directors, employees, partners, funders and our God.


We believe that by working together, we can help more people.


We strive to be a leader in the field of affordable housing

Nehemiah House

Welcomes Clients Home

Founded in 2015, Nehemiah House’s vision is to create a world where all who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated can become positive, contributing members of society. We do this through a holistic, one-stop model of service provision. Our continuum of care, informed and implemented by professionals with cultural backgrounds and life experiences similar to those of our clients, helps ensure their success.



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A Home of Second Chances

Nehemiah House’s Housing Program empowers homeless, formerly incarcerated individuals and their families to build better futures through stable and affordable housing. By providing low-threshold access to supportive emergency, phased-permanent and permanent housing, our Housing Program meets both the immediate and long-term needs of our clients. Participating clients are able to take the first steps on their journeys towards becoming positive, self-sufficient members of society with the full support of Nehemiah’s comprehensive reentry service offering and culturally competent staff.

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Nehemiah Housing Services

Nehemiah Housing Services (NHS) is the affordable housing and support services arm of the Nehemiah Community Development (NCDC).

The Nehemiah Housing Services mission is to provide safe, affordable and decent housing for qualified Washington County families by:

  • Expanding affordable housing opportunities for very low and low-income families (50% to 80% median income) and individuals through the development, construction, rehabilitation and financing of new home construction
  • Partnering with local agencies, whereby NHS also provides housing counseling and rental education services as well as development and construction services to housing projects designed to serve very low-income, senior and special needs populations.

Families and individuals start the process by applying to the program. Acceptance is based on your commitment and  setting and achieving long term goals.

Our mission is to help the Westside community become a better place to live. We exist because home matters. We began with actual houses and housing preservation, focusing on quality and stability to give people a place to start. But, there is more to a home than the house. Home is about the life that happens in and around the house as well as the life that fuels and draws out the best of the people within it.

While most organizations focus on one, maybe two, impact areas within a community, we understand that, in order to have a real impact, we must focus on all of the areas that make up a thriving community-housing, education, health, job readiness/ access and economic development.

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We exist because home matters.

Arlando Parker, ceo

Let Us Lead The Way

We started with housing because it’s the place where families take shelter, live their lives, and dream their dreams for themselves and their kids. We realized, though, that houses don’t stand alone any more than people do. For homes and families to thrive, they need the protective comfort of community, and that’s what the staff, volunteers, and donors to Nehemiah are focused on creating – a strong and vibrant community that can sustain generations of families.